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Payment Channels


Connect with hundred plus bank worldwide with our Credit Card Channel

Internet Banking

Connect with our top banks partner for their internet banking.

Virtual Account

Virtual account is the new method of ATM transfer for eCommerce

Mobile Banking

Fast payment through your gadgets anytime and anywhere.


Simple payment with e-wallet system from customer mobile numbers, email, etc.

Convenience Store

Payment through outlets/convenience store.

Enterprise Grade Security

No Hassle Security & Compliance

PCI-DSS Certified

We have equipped ourself with certification from major principal. Ensuring the highest security for processing payment and storing customers' data. We are proudly a Level 1 PCI-DSS certified

Easily monitor the transaction live on your website

Fraud Detection System

Automated monitoring and detection of potential fraud behavior and pattern Able to block a transaction if the fraud risk level higher than threshold, Escalates high risk transactions to conduct checking, Customer tracking,3D Secure, Velocity check, etc

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