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Faspay business allows your e-commerce to receive payment online, you can choose between Credit or Debit Channel, ranging from internet banking, virtual account, to e-wallet. Partnered with top Banks and Telco in Indonesia, will benefit you to receive payment from over 120 Banks national wide. Security wise? Not an issue. Sign up now!

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Faspay Billing allows you to create email invoicing that will let you to collect payment with various channel. Use this advance payment tool to grab your offline order sorted in more sophisticated form. Track down your invoices with our dashboard, paid or pending. The best thing is you will not need any integration. Sign up now to get the dashboard!

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The Easy, Secure and Real Time Disbursement Service to All Banks. Faspay SendMe helps you to disburse funds instantly to all banks all across Indonesia by simply embedding our API to your website. Sign up now to start disbursing your funds easily!

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Payment Channel Company Individual Transaction Fee Settlement
VA BCA IDR 2000 Exclude Fee Bank H+0
VA BRI IDR 2000 Exclude Fee Bank H+0
VA Mandiri IDR 4000 H+1
VA BNI IDR 4000 H+1
VA Permata + PermataNet IDR 4000 H+1
VA Maybank IDR 4000 H+1
VA Danamon IDR 4000 H+1
BCA Klikpay IDR 5000 H+1
CIMB Clicks + Rekponsel + Go Mobile IDR 5000 H+1
e-Pay BRI IDR 5000 H+0
Danamon Online Banking IDR 5000 H+1
BCA Sakuku IDR 2000 H+1
OVO 1,5 % (Include PPN) H+2
LinkAja IDR 3000 H+1
Indomaret 2000 Exclude Fee Indomaret H+3
Alfamart IDR 5000 H+3
Kredivo 2,3 % H+3
Akulaku 1,5 % H+2
Credit Card Direct IDR 3000 + 3 % H+3
Credit Card Aggregator IDR 3000 + 3 % H+3

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