Faspay Billing

Faspay Billing

We understand that sometimes your business takes order offline as well. Faspay Billing allows you to create email invoice that will provide the user with the same payment feature like Faspay Business but catering different user. This product suit for businesses that still take order offline (via phone, email, or on site order), you will then be able to create digital invoice to be sent through email, whereas buyer will be able to make payment right away on the email. Very simple and convenient.

Use this product if you are any of these types below :

1. Online shop without website who sells through social media

2. Online shop who does have own website but, using it only for product display or does not have IT resources

3. Any other businesses who do not have e-commerce platforms but wanting to take payment into digital.

All you need to do is fill in our form, wait for a day and you will be able to use Faspay Billing right away.

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